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2855 28th St Boulder, CO 80301

2321 Clover Basin Dr Longmont, CO 80503

About us

First opened in 2017 at its Boulder location, Boulder Pho has become a staple in the area's food scene, a go-to spot for authentic Vietnamese food lovers. We opened our Longmont location in 2022 despite the post-pandemic challenges.

Our food menu consists of a wide selection of rice and noodle dishes, various protein choices, and vegetarian options.


Our drink menu brings refreshing items such as the classic Vietnamese coffee, fresh fruit smoothies and boba tea. 

We are available on Skipli and major online ordering platforms such as Doordash and UberEats. 

We hope you'll have a great dining experience with us at both of our location. 

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We only use fresh, natural, high quality ingredients to make our pho and drinks.

​Friendly Service

​We believe our food and drinks taste better when they are served quickly with a friendly attitude.


​Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction with the quality of our food and customer service.

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